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Photo by Rebecca Anne Photography

Photo by Rebecca Anne Photography

For the next few weeks, I hand-picked a group of my favorite local wedding vendors for a little interview series! These ladies are seriously magical. From flowers to photography, they all use their unique gifts + talents to help make this world (and your wedding) a little more beautiful. I hope you love getting to know these girls - make sure to follow them on social media if you’re a fan!

For today’s feature, you’ll get to hear more about Paisley Petals Flower Studio. Owner, Paula, creates custom floral designs exclusively for weddings and events. Not only is she the sweetest, but she makes some of the most stunning floral arrangements you will ever see! With almost 20 years of experience, you can rest assured she will make your wedding flower dreams come true. Get in touch with her here:

How did you choose your business name?

“My paternal grandparents were from Paisley, Scotland. I always felt close to my grandpa even though he died when I was 2. My grandma had passed away earlier in the year that I started my business, and I wanted to honor their memories and my heritage with my business name.”

What do you order at Starbucks?

“Tall 2-pump white mocha americano with cream. Hot unless it's above 70, then I get the same thing but iced.”

What inspired you to start your business?

“I have always, always been drawn to flowers. I started making arrangements for my grandmas with flowers from my mom's garden and ferns from my parent's 5 acres of woods when I was in about the 4th grade. In college, friends started asking me to design their wedding flowers. That was 19 years ago! I worked at a couple of non profits and did flowers on the side until 2007 when I went full time with Paisley Petals.”

Describe your ideal client below:

“Someone who has enough confidence in themselves to know what they want, but with enough trust in my talents to allow me some space and freedom to bring their vision to life. Someone who is thoughtful and intentional about the celebration they are putting together, and who honors the support of their family and friends. Someone with an aesthetic that leans toward the natural, joyful, and beautiful.”

What's your favorite wedding color trend?

“I tend to be really energized by things that go a little bit against the trends. Obviously trends are trends for a reason- because they are beautiful!- and we're happy to design in those palettes. But when we're doing 30 weddings in a season, the ones that break the mold a little bit make our little creative hearts sing!”

Do you have any advice for brides on how to find the right fit in their vendor search?

“Look for vendors who you like on a personal level, but who are also professional. Make sure you get a sense that they are totally invested in the success of your wedding! A few years of experience doesn't hurt either!”

When you're stressed or burnt out, what's your go-to self care routine?

“Time alone. Time outside (preferably in the forest and/or near water, but a walk around the neighborhood will do in a pinch). Good music, good books, good podcasts (but not anything business or wedding related). Extra sleep. Dark Chocolate. “

do you recommend hiring a wedding planner or coordinator to engaged couples?

“We absolutely recommend hiring at least a day of coordinator. Think about all the time and money you're investing in creating the wedding day you want to have. You've picked all the pretty details and assembled the perfect team of vendors. When the day comes, someone needs to be the captain of that team, and it can't be you. Or your mom. Or your best friend. You all need to be able to enjoy this incredible day you've created. Let your coordinator handle the last minute calls from vendors who are stuck in traffic, finding the box that has the tea lights for the tables in it, making sure the programs get set out, but don't blow away in the wind, directing all of the vendors as they come in and answering questions that hadn't previously been thought about (where is the ladder? Is there a broom somewhere? where does the cake go? which box are the photo booth props in? etc. etc.). There are literally endless details that can't be dealt with ahead of time, and lots of little problems that need to be solved on the fly. It's a job best handled by a professional.”

Find Paula on IG @paisleypetals

Photo by Kate Price

Photo by Kate Price

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Photo by Benj Haisch

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Photo by Kate Price

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